What does the CitrusPers Planner do?
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Since 15 years, CitrusPers provides the Dutch primary and secondary schools a schooldiary for their pupils. These diaries consist a special time plannig system in order to make youngsters understand how to plan and understand their precious time.

Besides timemanaging, each week has small texts on social behaviour and study skills. Not by telling them what to do, or what not, but by asking them to think about a certain 'quest'.



Other companies CitrusPers works together with are:

Wijzer in Geldzaken

Purple Monkey



Eglish in Action




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Many possibilities in making your school personalized part.

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New developped by CitrusPers:
Educational Wallpaper


If an enviroment is attractive, peole, pupils make better results.
This is why CitrusPers developped a new concept: Educational Wallpapers

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